Dillon Mok

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Mochi Pets

Mochi Pets is a cute virtual pet game that lives on your Home Screen.

Lovable pixel-art pets keep you company as you use your phone. Care for your pet throughout the day by feeding, petting and cleaning them. Play mini-games to earn coins and buy yummy treats. This app features interactive widgets so you can take care of your pet right from the widget!


Etch is the telephone game meets Pictionary.

The gameplay is simple: take turns with your friends to draw and guess pictures until everyone has had a turn. Then it's time for the BIG REVEAL, where you reveal the hilarious chain of drawings and guesses.

Etch is great fun for all ages, and requires no drawing skills to play. Play with 3-8 players on the same device or via iMessage group chats.


iAim is a 3D aim trainer app.

It is designed to help players practice and improve their aiming in popular mobile shooter games such as Fortnite, Critical Ops and Call of Duty: Mobile.