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Mi Coraźon (feat. Camilo) - Jacob Collier

A day after revealing the tracklist for his album "Djesse Vol.4", Jacob Collier released the sixth single, "Mi Coraźon", featuring Camilo. I was not expecting another single, we've already heard seven of the sixteen tracks (five singles, two played live). I'm just slightly afraid we won't get enough "new" tracks on album release day itself.

Anyway, I love this song. It's very Latin-pop with the classic Jacobean touch: intricate vocal harmonies and excellent pop production like we heard in Djesse Vol. 3. The beat drop goes really hard. I'm going to be listening to this one on repeat for a while, the bassline is very addictive.

The music video is chaotic, choreographed, loaded with green screen visual effects- very on brand for this album. Camilo's look in this video with the pink glasses, and overall vibe in this reminds me of Oliver Tree.

The song itself is only 3 minutes and 5 seconds long, however the end of the video shows us some clips of Jacob working on the song with Camilo. As a musician/songwriter myself I love getting a peek behind the scenes at artists in their process.

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