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Jacob Collier's Djesse Vol. 4 Tracklist

Jacob Collier revealed the track list for his upcoming album "Djesse Vol. 4" and I couldn't be more excited. The five singles we've heard are all great, and with this tracklist and featured artists revealed, the album is shaping up to be a doozy.

TRACK 1: 100,000 Voices

This is the track sampling all the audience choirs throughout the Djesse World Tour. Jacob's been teasing this one for a while, I just know he's gonna do something insane.

Track 2: She Put Sunshine

We don't get much of a teaser for this song, but we do hear the lyrics "she illuminates me" with an upbeat, happy chord progression. So far I'm liking what I hear, excited for this one.

Track 3: Little Blue (feat. Brandi Carlile)

This song is beautiful and lovely. The Mahogany Session version he did live with fans in London is a must-watch and 8 minutes well worth the time.

Track 4: WELLLL

My favourite song of the singles, it's his foray into a rockier sound and the video saw the introduction of his custom Strandberg. I hope we hear more of this sound in the rest of the album.

Track 5: Cinnamon Crush (feat. Lindsey Lomis)

I was not familiar with Lindsey Lomis so I checked out her popular songs on Spotify. She's got a great voice which I can see fitting nicely with Jacob's.

Track 6: Wherever I Go (feat. Lawrence & Michael McDonald)

Great groovy, soulful vibes on this one.

Track 7: Summer Rain (feat. Madison Cunningham & Chris Thile)

This song was not released as a single but they've played it live. Jacob and Madison's vocal harmonies with the acoustic guitar and Chris Thile's mandolin sound heavenly.

Track 8: A Rock Somewhere (feat. Anoushka Shankar & Varijashree Venugopal)

I'm interested to hear Collier's take on Indian music with Venugopal, an amazing singer, and Shankar, an incredible sitar player.

Track 9: Mi Corazón (feat. Camilo)

The four seconds we hear of this song sounds like a dance banger. Camilo has 19M monthly listeners on Spotify and Latin pop is very popular right now, at least on Spotify. I'm guessing this song will help bring Collier's music to a new audience.

(I wrote this post before Mi Coraźon came out as a single. My reaction to the song can be found here.)

Track 10: Witness Me (feat. Shawn Mendes, Stormzy & Kirk Franklin)

Great song with a warm, wholesome vibe. I'm a big fan of Stormzy's track "This is What I Mean" so it's cool to hear him feature on a Jacob track. The music video is fun and lovely too.

Track 11: Never Gonna Be Alone (feat. John Mayer & Lizzy McAlpine)

Another beautiful song. Love Lizzy's voice. And you can't go wrong with John Mayer's killer touch on the guitar.

Track 12: Bridge Over Troubled Water (feat. John Legend & Tori Kelly)

Looks like he's finally doing a full version of his cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Going to be some classic Jacobean acapella with the vocal chops of Tori Kelly and John Legend.

Track 13: Over You (feat, aespa & Chris Martin)

Jacob's worked with Chris Martin/Coldplay before, but was not expecting a crossover with Aespa. Consider me intrigued.

Track 14: Box Of Stars Pt. 1 (feat. Kirk Franklin, CHIKA, D Smoke, Sho Madjozi, Yelle & Kanyi Mavi)

Don't really know what to expect with this song, but that is a stacked list of featured artists and we hear what sounds to be an African-folk inspired teaser.

Track 15: Box Of Stars Pt. 2 (feat. Metropole Orkest, Suzie Collier, Steve Vai & VOCES8)

Jacob worked with Metropole Orkest for most of Djesse Vol.1, with VOCES8 on the intro track and his mum Suzie on "Onto You". Now throw in Steve Vai (who's on "Can You Feel The Love") and this song is going to be crazy. The teaser sounded Djesse Vol. 1-like.

Track 16: World O World (feat. The Aeolians of 2018, Jason Max Ferdinand)

He's performed this one live back in September, and what a way to end the album and the whole Djesse project.

I'm really looking to Djesse Vol. 4 and listening to the rest of the tracks. From what we hear in the teaser this album is like the encapsulation of the past three albums: we hear the orchestral stuff, the mellow acoustic stuff, and some pop/electronic stuff, with many returning featured artists and many new ones too. February 29 is going to be special this year.