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Thoughts on WWDC24

11 June 2024

Here are my reactions and thoughts about Apple's announcements at WWDC24.

My WWDC 2024 Wishlist

06 June 2024

A quick non-comprehensive list of what I'd like to see at this year's WWDC.

Thoughts on Tidal

30 May 2024

I have been on the free trial of Tidal. Here are my thoughts so far as a usual Spotify user.

Adam Savage’s Amazing Animatronic Grogu Puppet

23 May 2024

The animatronic Grogu built by Julio Montagut is insanely cool.

The Curious Case of Double Trouble Creatives

15 May 2024

I woke up this morning to a spam email sitting in my inbox and fell down a strange rabbit hole.

Apple’s Let Loose Event Reactions

07 May 2024

My reactions on Apple’s 2024 iPad launch event.

Jacob Collier’s Home Studio Tour

05 May 2024

Caleb Simpson’s latest video showcasing Jacob Collier’s home studio is an absolute delight.

Let Loose on 7 May

24 April 2024

Apple have announced their next online event on 7 May at 7am PT, titled “Let Loose”.

This Week in Metal

13 April 2024

In the last two weeks or so we've seen the release of lots of new music in the modern metal/hard rock scene. There are too many good bands to list them all, so instead here are some my favourite new releases.

EQing AirPods Pro on the Mac

11 April 2024

A simple automation trick for applying EQ with AirPods on the Mac.

Tall Business Cards

03 April 2024

As a tall person, there are a bunch of questions people always ask me.


30 March 2024

After watching this fascinating video by Veritasium yesterday I started seeing the number 37 everywhere.

What I’m Listening To (March 2024)

23 March 2024

The music I’m listening to at the end of March 2024

Vondynote Against the Wall Speaker Stands Review

16 March 2024

As the next evolution of my desk setup, I bought some stands to raise my studio monitors up to ear-level. I got the “Vondynote Set of 2 Studio Monitor Stands Desktop Clamp Speaker Stands Against the Wall” from Amazon, which was the only option I could find that clamps to your desk and can be setup up against a wall.

Twenty One Pilots: Clancy

01 March 2024

A look at Twenty One Pilots’ latest single and upcoming album.

Living on the Cutting Edge of Software

22 February 2024

Updating software can sometimes have its issues.

Duolingo’s Music Course

16 February 2024

First impressions on Duolingo’s new music course

ATP Tour: A Reality Show

10 February 2024

The best piece of tennis media ever.

Blackbox for Vision Pro

01 February 2024

The best puzzle game on iOS is coming to visionOS.

How to Get a Balanced Sound Out of AirPods Pro

26 January 2024

A trick to get a brighter sound for your AirPods Pro

Mi Coraźon (feat. Camilo) - Jacob Collier

19 January 2024

My thoughts on Jacob Collier's latest single.

Jacob Collier's Djesse Vol. 4 Tracklist

19 January 2024

My reactions to the Djesse Vol.4 tracklist.

Caudabe Sheath for iPhone 15 Pro Review

09 January 2024

My thoughts on the Caudabe Sheath case for iPhone 15 Pro.

My Desk Setup

01 January 2024

What's on my desk

My Default Apps

27 December 2023

The apps I am using at the end of 2023

Hello World

20 December 2023

Taking another shot at blogging for 2024