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The 30 Day Song Challenge

06 July 2024

Join me as I play a song every day for 30 days


21 June 2024

I have been loving the singles from Bilmuri, the solo project of Johnny Franck (formerly of Attack Attack!)

Thoughts on Tidal

30 May 2024

I have been on the free trial of Tidal. Here are my thoughts so far as a usual Spotify user.

Jacob Collier’s Home Studio Tour

05 May 2024

Caleb Simpson’s latest video showcasing Jacob Collier’s home studio is an absolute delight.

This Week in Metal

13 April 2024

In the last two weeks or so we've seen the release of lots of new music in the modern metal/hard rock scene. There are too many good bands to list them all, so instead here are some my favourite new releases.

What I’m Listening To (March 2024)

23 March 2024

The music I’m listening to at the end of March 2024

Twenty One Pilots: Clancy

01 March 2024

A look at Twenty One Pilots’ latest single and upcoming album.

Duolingo’s Music Course

16 February 2024

First impressions on Duolingo’s new music course

Mi Coraźon (feat. Camilo) - Jacob Collier

19 January 2024

My thoughts on Jacob Collier's latest single.

Jacob Collier's Djesse Vol. 4 Tracklist

19 January 2024

My reactions to the Djesse Vol.4 tracklist.

Hello World

20 December 2023

Taking another shot at blogging for 2024