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What I’m Listening To (March 2024)

Since I have no idea what to write about for this week, I thought I'd just share the music I'm into at the moment. Serving as a time capsule to capture what I am listening to at the end of March 2024.

1. Twenty One Pilots - Overcompensate

Really solid first single from their upcoming Clancy- which I wrote about here.

2. Jacob Collier - Djesse Vol. 4

This album has been out for nearly a month and it's still on daily repeat on me. Just so many mindblowing songs. I should probably write a full review of the album at some point.

3. Haken - Fauna

Really good prog metal album that I first found through the Elephants Never Forget guitar playthrough on YouTube.

4. Poppy - I Disagree

I'm a little late to this album, only discovering it late last year. Concrete and I Disagree are great metal-pop songs, but some of the later tracks, especially the ending Don't Go Outside are kinda underrated. Unfortunately Poppy's last album isn't as heavy, or good as this one.

5. Genesis Owusu - Struggler

A friend of mine recommended this album to me. It's a wonderful mix of rap, R&B, 80's, pop and rock that sounds really fresh.

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