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Jacob Collier’s Home Studio Tour

Caleb Simpson's latest video showcasing Jacob Collier's home studio is an absolute delight. Jacob is a massively successful musician, yet he chooses to keep the room he literally grew up in as his main base/studio. It's rather beautiful and profound.

Some highlights from the video:

  • Jacob's desk made from an old Ikea shelf (my family have the same shelf!) is testament that you don't need a fancy setup to be successful.
  • Need a hi-hat sound? Use a box of your grandfather's spoons.
  • Many musicians dream of winning a Grammy. Jacob uses his as instruments
  • Jacob's idea of a "post-genre world" resonates with me and is something I think about when writing my own music.

Last thing, with that many instruments everywhere and all the gear on the desk, I'd be afraid bringing water anywhere near. This cup on the desk seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Say what you like about Jacob Collier, but I love his music and what he does. The fact that he's rather open about his creative process is an absolute gift to songwriters and musicians.