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Hello World

Hi, hello, and welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you could make it :)

This blog has been in the works for quite a while. I first had the idea to start this site at the beginning of 2023, with the resurgence of blogging and the whole idea of owning your own web presence. I didn't do much online writing before, but I thought it'd be a fun project for the new year. So I bought the domain, made a few design mockups, then promptly put the project aside until a few weeks ago.

2023 has been quite a year for me. I finally finished my two years of military service in Singapore, went back to my home in New Zealand, started working part-time at a local music store, launched a new app with my sister, plus the many more side projects I've pursued. Now at the end of 2023, I think I kinda missed my opportunity for this new project for the new year. But it was also the perfect time to give this website another crack for 2024.

How am I going to make sure this website doesn't fall by the wayside again? I don't believe in goals but instead building habits, so my plan is to make blogging a habit of mine. I might not write much at first and that's okay. I'll start by sharing cool stuff I'm interested in (this might be tech, music, books, or games) once every week. If I can write a few hundred words about whatever I'm sharing that'll be a great start, and from there I can decide where I want to take the blog.

Before I go for today, I will leave you all with one of my favourite Christmas albums: Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant. Unfortunately it's longer on streaming services, but it can be found on YouTube. It's an electronic pop-rock that's a fun modern take on traditional (plus some newer ones and an original too) Christmas songs. I was delighted to discover that Casey Liss is also a fan of this album.

That's for all now, looking forward to more posts on this blog. This is going to be fun. Let's do this.