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Caudabe Sheath for iPhone 15 Pro Review

I bought the Caudabe Sheath case for iPhone 15 Pro as a Christmas gift to myself. Previously I was using the Incipio Duo case, which is a good MagSafe case but it has a cutout for the Action Button. So when I saw Caudabe had sales on their cases for Black Friday I thought I'd check it out and solve my Action Buttons woes once and for all.

Here's my brief review:

The Sheath case feels sturdy and protective yet still being slimmer than the Duo. It feels great in the hand. I love the grippy texture especially since my hands tend to get sweaty in warm weather.

The Action Button button is perfect, it's way better than cramming my finger into the cutout of my old case.

I opted for the grey colour to match my Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro. In past years I would've gone with black, but this year I'm trying to move away from black everything and add more colour to my life. Sure, the grey isn't really colourful but I like the understated look without it being just... black.

Overall, this case exceeded my expectations. For $40 USD it's no cheap case but you get a quality build with buttons and cutouts in all the right places. Would highly recommend this as a sleek MagSafe-compatible case that's stylish with minimal branding.

I'm not sponsored, but you can buy the Caudabe case here.

If you have any questions about the Caudabe Sheath, feel free to send me a message on Mastodon.