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ATP Tour: A Reality Show

If you're a tennis fan, you've probably seen the ATP Tour YouTube channel where they do interviews, fun games and trivia with the men's tennis players. They've been consistently putting out high quality, entertaining content for the past few years ranging from quizzing players on their careers, showcasing what foods different players like, tour trivia and guessing the silhouettes of players.

This week, however, they released possibly the funniest piece of tennis media ever.

The whole thing is perfect, from the acting from Djokovic and Murray, or should I say Fraser McKnight and Bert Critchley, Monfis being an absolute goofball, Thiem and Rublev recording SFX in the studio, to Rune and Shang as the "kids". The ideas for the next season written on the slideshow are incredible. "Roger comes out of retirement (CGI)" is something we all need in our lives.

Don't forget my favourite line from the video, from Fraser McKnight: "People are stupid, so y'know, they'll buy anything."

Please watch it if you haven't yet already. It's better than anything Netflix could create. (cough Break Point cough)

This video does make me wish that they did even half the media content on the WTA. We hardly get to see any off-court action from the women, apart from what they post on social media.

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