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Let Loose on 7 May

Apple have announced their next online event on 7 May at 7am PT, titled "Let Loose". The artwork for this event, if you haven't seen it already, is very artistic and features a hand holding an Apple Pencil.

Like the rest of the internet, I'm hoping we get some major changes to the iPad line, especially for the iPad Pro. I'm currently holding onto a 10.5" model from 2017- if these new models are good I might be tempted to upgrade. Apart from the highly-rumoured OLED screen, I would love to see a selfie camera in the horizontal orientation, a second USB-C port, a variety of new accessories (keyboards with different form factors, a magnetic screen cover for tactile handwriting, or a drafting table-like stand perhaps?) and some fun colours.

I made the joke on the Club MacStories Discord that we're not getting new iPads at this event, but instead it's clearly about bringing the Apple Pencil to the iPhone. I know, who wants a stylus, but an "Apple Pencil mini" that works with the iPhone is actually a product I'd be interested in. I've wanted to take quick handwritten sketches on my phone but my fingers are too fat and imprecise for it to be a good experience. Not sure if we'll ever see it, but I strongly agree with the opinion that Apple should experiment more and try weird things.